Welcome to Nicola Webb - Compassion Focused Therapy

Welcome to Nicola Webb - Compassion Focused Therapy

Welcome to Nicola Webb - Compassion Focused TherapyWelcome to Nicola Webb - Compassion Focused TherapyWelcome to Nicola Webb - Compassion Focused Therapy

Counselling tailored to the individual


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I'm currently not seeing clients on a face-to-face basis. I am, however, offering telephone or video based sessions for a reduced fees.

Please do message me for further details.

Take care, Nicola 

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Who We Are


How can I help?

How can I help?

How can I help?


There are times in our life when we all need a bit of support. There is no shame in struggling with our mental health. Should it be making a big decision, feeling better about ourselves, being more confident, speaking in public or feeling down or worried.

It's estimated 1 in 4 of us are affected by Mental Health issues at some point in our life. Often the fact that its difficult to talk about mental health problems can be one of the hardest parts of seeking help. Making that initial appointment is the hardest and biggest step. 


How I Work

How can I help?

How can I help?

After going through struggles myself with anxiety, depression, infertility problems and compulsive overeating, I feel I can offer a real "lived-experience" of mental health recovery.  

Whatever your current struggles may be, I will listen and guide without judgment and with empathy.

Everyone who comes to see me is unique and I tailor treatment to suit individual needs, using a warm and informal approach.  I offer the hand of guidance to help my clients get to a place where they feel happier and more able to cope with lifes struggles.


About Me

How can I help?

About Me


Nicola Webb
B.A. (Hons), MBPsS, Dip. CBT, Cert.REBT

I Graduated in 1999 with a BA (Hons) in Psychology. I moved away from Psychology for a few years before re-training as a psychotherapist after undergoing treatment myself.

The main focus of my work is Compassion Focused Therapy, but I use an Integrated approach to psychotherapy and counselling, drawing on my training in several modalities. 


I have completed a Diploma in CBT, Diploma in Person Centred Counselling, Foundation and advanced training in Compassion Focused Therapy and The Primary Certificate in REBT. I am a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society 

What is Compassion Focused Therapy?

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) is an integrative psychotherapy model that focuses on the cultivation and application of compassion for both self and others. CFT integrates cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques with evolutionary, developmental and social psychology; affective neuroscience; and Buddhist psychology. The approach was originally developed for clients with high-levels of self-criticism and shame and has a growing evidence-base for a variety of clinical disorders and presentations. Practicing compassion has been shown to have powerful effects on physiological, psychological and social processes, specifically in the regulation of threat-focused emotional experiences and the development of a caring orientation to suffering. 


Customer Testimonials


Feedback on therapy sessions

Feedback from client, J:

I don’t where I’d be or what I would have been doing now if it wasn’t for your amazing help. I was in a very bad place when I first came to you for help and your hard work and understanding has helped me so much, I will always look back at this period in my life and remember how I got through it with your support, I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you. 

Client AD:

 After experiencing many life changing events including the loss of close family members, my mental health was affected. Anxiety and depression prevented me living my life fully and my self punishing behaviour seemed a ‘ safe ‘ place. Nicola has helped me to be compassionate towards myself thus beginning the recovery process . I would recommend her as a psychotherapist because of her empathy and compassion. I feel supported and I trust her methods . I feel so much better.

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Cost and Availability

Please contact us with questions. Session costs are negotiable but generally are as follows:

Initial no-obligation consultation (90 mins) £30 SPECIAL OFFER 

Follow up sessions (60 mins) £40

I am also available for workplace mental healthcare checks, group therapy facilitation and Compassionate mind Training. Please message for daily rates.

Nicola Webb - Compassion Focused Therapy

Thaxted, Dunmow, Essex, England, United Kingdom

m: 07545 584539 e: nicolawebb.cbt@gmail.com


Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm

Please message me for details